Marbles Corporation has a maximum capacity of 200,000 units per year

Question 1: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Marbles Corporation has a maximum capacity of 200,000 units per year.  Variable manufacturing costs (with respect to units manufactured) are $11.50 per unit.  Fixed manufacturing overhead is $875,000 per year.  Variable marketing, distribution, customer service and administrative costs (with respect to units sold) are $1.90 per unit, and fixed marketing, distribution, customer service and administrative costs are $115,000 per year.  The current selling price is $21 per unit. Marbles has no beginning or ending inventory. The company’s tax rate is 32%.

How many units must be sold to earn a target operating income of $360,000 per year?

6 points for this part of the question Many ways to present this information – I’ll stick with the formula we ultimately ended up with in….

A study assessing the effectiveness of Non-Directive Play Therapy in overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

the research paper should explore Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how Non-Directive Play Therapy could be used as an effective modality with particular emphasis on 6 to 11 year olds. Part of the research may require the development of a more “Child Friendly” Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) questionnaire/measurement tool. If this has not already been developed. specific reference should be made to resilience and its importance. It will also be necessary to propose a methodology in terms of how the effectiveness will be measured in the play setting and by Play Therapists without additional paperwork burden. the new system should make life easier for Play Therapist to prove the validity of their role in overcoming ACEs whilst not be burdensome in terms of measurement.

Read the book Business Model Generation by Osterwalder & Pigneur 

You will be required to hand in a report with the following two key sections:


Using the Business Model Canvas, draw and describe the business model for one of the businesses listed below. You will be required to submit the canvas as well as a detailed description of each of the items on your canvas. General Electric


Generate a new business model for your company that represents a new innovative approach to reposition the company in its industry and ultimately solve its most pressing business challenges.


You should follow the Ideation method discussed starting on page 135 and use one of the four epicenters of business model innovation outlined on pages 138 – 139 as the central them for your new business model.  You will….

A Good Man is Hard to Find

Secondary sources on the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find”: “From Mystery and Manners,” “From the Question of Flannery O’Connor,” “From ‘One of My Babies’: The Misfit and the Grandmother,” “From Flannery O’Connor’s Misfit and the Mystery of Evil”

The topic is to choose two of these articles on the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” to write an essay in which you argue your interpretation of the story. You may support one of the critics you’ve read — O’Connor, herself; Stephens; Bandy; or Desmond — then argue how your interpretation differs from another critic’s interpretation. For instance, say your own interpretation of the story closely follows Martha Stephens’ article, “From The Question of Flannery O’Connor.” Write your essay using the points Stephens’ makes….

Viola da gamba

1. Select one of the following instruments: • Cornett or Sackbut • Harpsichord • Shawm or Recorder • Lute • Percussion1 • Viola da gamba 2. To get started, consult Oxford Music Online and Jeffery Kite-Powell’s book, A Performer’s Guide to Renaissance Music, which is available as an ebook through the library website. • • Cite both of these sources when you reference them in your paper. 3. Supplement this with other scholarly books and articles on the instrument that you find through your own research. Aim for at least two additional sources not counting the course textbook. • Do not use websites as sources, but do use library resources like JSTOR, RILM, and Proquest for find appropriate sources. • Provide a properly formatted footnote anytime you….

Cantigas de Santa Maria

The “Cantigas de Santa Maria” is one of the most significant collections of Medieval secular music, and was compiled during the reign of Alfonso el Sabio, the thirteenth century King of Castile and León. More than 400 songs composed in honor of the Virgin Mary are preserved in four beautifully illuminated manuscripts. In this assignment you will: 1. Consider different ways that modern musicians have performed the Cantigas, 2. Write a 4-6-page (not including bibliography) essay explaining your findings and presenting possible explanations for the difference you find, 3. and Apply your knowledge of Medieval music and the original sources to inform and support your arguments

Instructions 1. Use the UIUC library catalog to find a cantiga that has been recorded multiple times. • Provide a citation for….

Case Report: Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Singapore Esplanade Theatre (Lights/Sounds control department)

Scenarios: Team building for 30 professional and support staff in a Singapore Esplanade Theatre (Lights/Sounds control department)


Assessment Criteria


Arial font 12 point Numbering of page Covering page Appropriate headings Proper Harvard referencing and in text citations Relevant Appendices Content page


Individual L&D Report


L&D report (3,500 words +/- 10%) will be a full written response to your L&D scenario, demonstrating your understanding of the frameworks of good practice, based on the theories, models and concepts we discuss during the module, and your ability to apply these for L&D analysis, design, delivery and evaluation.


Your L&D report should contain seven (7) sections as follows:




Explaining your L&D scenario and the requirements of the brief.


You should undertake research to….

analyze the nonverbal communication of one or more personalities from a reality television show of your choosing and compare your analysis to empirical research findings about nonverbal communication.

The first step is to select a show. A list of reality television shows can be found by searching online (e.g.,,, After viewing at least 3 hours of your chosen reality television series, select 2-3 nonverbal topics from class (e.g., face, physical appearance, gestures, etc.). Then locate and read 3-5 scholarly journal articles on each of the nonverbal topics. Compare the scholarly findings (assumed to be “real”) with the nonverbal communication of one or more of the television personalities to determine if the television personality or personalities are or are not “real.” Be as specific as possible when citing examples from the television show and research. The paper must be between 8 and 10 pages in length (not including the cover and reference pages or….

Debate and discuss this question with reference to relevant theory and two or more examples of fashion media, one of which must be an example of print media

1. How do fashion magazines provide an effective means by which to sell products? Debate and discuss this question with reference to relevant theory and two or more examples of fashion media, one of which must be an example of print media. 2. How has the rise of digital media democratised fashion journalism? Discuss and critically analyse this question with reference to relevant theory and fashion media examples

3. Can global fashion media participate in the production of unique cultural identities? debate and discuss this question with reference to relevant theory and fashion media examples


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Case study – Colis family

Case study – Colis family


You are a Family Support Worker and have just conducted your first visit to a family who have only recently moved to Macquarie Fields. They were referred through the High School that 13yr old Stacey attends.

Kurt and Veitinia Colis said they are currently experiencing some difficulty managing their eldest daughter, Stacey. Stacey is attending school sporadically, is struggling with the work and is at risk of being suspended. Stacey has been coming home late smelling of alcohol and cigarettes. Venitia also told you that she found a bong hidden in Stacey’s wardrobe

Veitinia is of Tongan background and the family moved to the area to be closer to her extended family.  Kurt is Anglo /Australian background. Venitia is concerned that Stacey….